Swimming Lessons

I can’t believe I forgot to write about Isabel’s swimming lessons! (thanks Kat!)

Isabel and her cousin Diego took swimming lessons offered through the city of Carrollton. The classes were M-Th for 2 weeks and about 30 minutes long. She was in the same class last year but she was only about 9 months old so she didn’t really get that much out of it.

The main thing they really stress is safety. They learned how to climb out of the pool (elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee). Isabel really got the hang of this one but the only bad thing was she would run off and I was still in the pool so I would have to jump out and so catch her…crazy child! They also learned how to hang on to the side of the pool and “walk” down the edge.

And of course there was the ever popular dunking of the child. 😛 And actually Isabel really didn’t seem to mind most of the time. We were told to count to three – and no bouncing the kid while counting – and then go under after 3. After a while I would start to count and wouldn’t even get to 2 and she was saying no mamma. She was good for about 3 dunks before she decided she had swallowed and snorted enough water. It was really cute – they had a doll and Isabel would count to three and dunk the baby under.

The second to last day we did what they called the buoyancy test where you hold your kid up with just their feet in the water and you just let them drop to the bottom and then float up and grab the side of the pool…and Isabel liked it the first day. It scared me to death because it seemed like she wasn’t coming back up! She did it 3 times the first day and was fine with it, but th next day – not so much!

We also practiced kicking the legs and digging with the arms and floating on the back. Surprsingly she loves floating on her back, apparently most young kids do not like that at all. I think the pancake song really helped with that one.

But her favorite part of class was singing songs. We did wheels on the bus, ring around the roseys (with dunkings), the hokey pokey and old macdonald. And she also learned to blow bubbles and practices everyday in the bath tub. She always says “blow bubbles, like class!”.

I think she really had a good time and hopefully learned a little that will stay with her. She loved putting on her “swimsoup” to go to the pool. Zaida and I decided that we got our $40 worth with the class. The instructor was very sweet and even gave the kids homemade cookies on the last day of class.

If you haven’t had a chance to look, Ricardo posted some pics of her and Diego on the last day of class in the pictures section.


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