For some reason Isabel has been waking up just about every night crying – not the usual cry for about 30 seconds and fall back asleep crying – screaming and crying. We were thinking maybe she is having bad dreams (poor baby, that makes me sad). As soon as you walk in, she stops crying. You just hold her for a few minutes or lay down with her for a few, you can put her back in her bed with no problem and she goes right back to sleep. Frustrating but at least she is going back to sleep.

That had been going on for about a week. But finally, on Monday night, she didn’t wake up and actually slept until about 8 AM. I’m thinking – GREAT – it was just a little phase and now it has passed…YEA!

Well, yesterday, Isabel woke up at 5 AM crying and crying like the last week So, I went and got her and brought her to our room…put her back in her bed about 5:30 and decided that it was too late for me to go back to sleep for 30 minutes so I got up and took a shower. Well she was crying again when I got out of the shower and decided she was up for the day…

And then this morning she starts crying at 5:30 so I go get her and lay down on the guest room bed with her thinkging – oh, she’ll lay here for a few and then I will put her back in her bed. I guess I kinda dozed off and then I hear in a whiny crying little voice – “milk?” That means she ain’t going back to sleep! UGH!!!

It isn’t that big of a deal since I have to get up at 6 anyway but what about the weekends? hahaha…I am used to sleeping until at least 7 – 5 DOES NOT work for me! I am really hoping this little phase passes very quickly. I would rather her wake up at 2 am, stay up for a few minutes and then go back to sleep!! I guess it means be careful what you wish for…hahaha 😀

And to my night even better – the dumb dog – excuse me, Ricardo’s dumb dog – has woken me up for the past 3 nights in a row (she comes to my side of the bed because Ricardo won’t wake up so she doesn’t even bother going to him). And if I don’t get up and let her out she will just keep bugging and bugging until I do! So she got me up at 3 AM and just let her out and shut the doggie door behind her and when I let her back in this morning she was soaking wet! The sprinklers had gone off – serves her right! 👿

So needless to say, between Isabel and Jessie I have not gotten a good nights sleep in a while…:shock:


2 responses to “Yawn…

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    Ya know…Lyn says if I take naps when D takes naps, I’ll feel a lot better. But I try and I just can’t. I’m not like Lyn that can fall asleep standing. Haha. He says my mind is always racing, thinking about this thinking about that. But I just don’t know how to stop. Like I would lay there and just think about how to scrapbook a page or what music to put behind a video scene. I’m crazy!

  2. cyberhippiekat

    Tommmmmie! I just saw the swim pics. How did Isabelle do? What do they teach to 2 year olds? You should write a post about the lessons. Anyways. We stopped going to class last week cause D goes under for 5 seconds and I honestly think that’s way too long for an 8 month old. And I think he’s learned about all he can for his size and age so they issued me a credit for the rest of the classes, so we plan to go back before our Xmas trip for a refresher and hopefully by then he is old enough to pick up some new skills.

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