Ever since iTunes started supporting podcasts I’ve been playing around with it. A week or so ago I took the plunge and migrated my mp3 collection to be managed by iTunes. I am completely addicted to correcting all the information in every mp3. From adding correct artist, track, album info to getting the album covers from Amazon or Walmart (now prefer Walmart as they have larger images).

iTunes is so powerful with its smart playlists and just regular ole’ playlists. Also, it is very easy to burn CD’s. Just make a playlist, drop the songs you want in there and click on the burn icon. iTunes will automagically convert the mp3’s to CD audio format and burn. I see Tommie burning many a CD.


3 responses to “Addiction

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    Yes, I know what you mean. Lyndon was doing all this stuff on iTunes for 3 weeks. Drove me nuts.

  2. and to think you will only have to show me about 10 more times how to do it!! 🙂

  3. better than jessica, i’ll tell her and the next day she forgets. i hope the mac stuff sticks with her cause i hate telling my dad “99% of the time it’s left click, don’t even mess with the right click”

    by the way, it is designed by apple, u should see the other stuff they have and how nicel it integrates with each other. not better than pro tools costing thousands, but pretty nice for 50 bucks. end apple promo

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