Mother's Day Out

I finally decided to call and get some information on the Mother’s Day Out program at the church by our house. It really sounds like a great program and I think Isabel will really enjoy it. We are on the waiting list for the 2 year old class. I am not sure I am ready for her to go yet…ok, I am NOT ready for her to go yet but I know she will love it. It is only 5 hours – 1 day a week – I can handle that right?

The program is very structured and will help prepare her for preschool. And I have decided I will go to the church again on Sunday and put Isabel in the nursery. It is the same classroom that she will be in for MDO. I met the director of both programs when we went to the church several months ago and I really liked her. I know it is a selfish reason to go to church but it is a good transition for me and Isabel I think. And hopefully we will really enjoy the church and continue to go. (My Mom will be so happy :grin:)

This is a huge step for me…a very emotional one too :sad:. Its hard to face that my baby is growing up. I get all choked up when I even think about it…(i am right now…hehehe). When did I turn into such a softy?

Anyway – the classes don’t start for a few more weeks and we are on the waiting list so I don’t even know for sure if she will have spot any time soon.


One response to “Mother's Day Out

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    Man…I can’t wait until I can drop Dylan off somewhere…haha. So far, over 8 months, almost every second of my life… Whew…girl need a break!

    But I think Isabel will have so much fun.

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