Song of the Day

I was finally able to watch Garden State and it surprised me. It was a very good movie. Zach Braff’s writting and directing debut is great. It is a very nice and weird story of a guy going home for his mother’s funeral. I really liked it but this is not why I’m writing this post. This movie’s soundtrack (iTunes, is excellent… I ‘picked it up’ and is in heavy rotation right now on my iTunes player.

Which leads us to the Song of the Day: In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 (iTunes,

Here are some previews…

For those with iTunes, click here.

For those without, click here.

I know I am probably a little late to the party, but, it is new to me and I really, really like it…hope you do too…

Definitely gonna have to look into their other stuff…


8 responses to “Song of the Day

  1. Cyberhippiekat

    It was a good movie. But Lyn liked it more than me. Soundtrack is awesome. We watched his interview with that bald dude on HDNET movie review thing and he went into how he chose all the song and stuff. He’s a big music guy and he even tries to come up with song that play in Scrubs. Very interesting fella. He loves Coldplay so that makes him real cool in my book ;).

  2. Cyberhippiekat

    BTW – I just want to mention, I do appreciate your taste in music and movies though I may not agree all the time. But what I’m trying to say is that – I GET IT. I mention it cause of a recent discussion with someone over coffee the other day. Cause I find that though many people “like” certain things, but they don’t really know what they like? Their taste in movies and music are extremely pop culture oriented or influenced by a “friend” and have no definitive taste or understanding or appreciate of this “art” form. Basically THEY DON’T GET IT. Because I don’t believe everyone has to like the same things, but do you think enough to GET IT is another thing.

    Sorry. My ramble of the day.

  3. i will try and rent it and i have a 2 buck worth of itunes left so i’ll check it out.
    in terms of music and movie taste, my range is all over the place. some days i like the movie like, heartbreaker – don’t ask, airplanes are a funny thing, and then I will sell them off for rental credit.
    music wise, again it’s all over. before i liked rob zombie’s one song but now i can’t listen to it anymore. and all the bling bling music isn’t so “tight” anymore. but i still can’t get into coldplay.
    but itunes has made my colection much more varied with the free songs they have.

  4. um – You don’t know to like Coldplay to have good taste. (but damn their good) Hmm too bad there isnt like a itunes review list like there is in Netflix.

    Also – as for good taste…. isn’t Rock Star: INXS the best show on tv. heh

  5. Cyberhippiekat

    What’s Firefly? Why is it good? Why is got such high ratings on Netflix?

  6. I’ve just heard so many good things about it and I like SciFi…so I said what the heck and put all the season 1 discs on my queue…I want to try to see all of season 1 before the movie comes out…

  7. isn’t firefly the show with jim henson’s special effects group? i saw a couple, weird stuff, not bad.
    everyone loves coldplay, i have a whole section of coldplay in my ipod list to get some play time, maybe it will grow on me.

    oh, the question on how to get random chuncks of music for smart playlists, make a requirement to have all songs that wasn’t played today. or make some kind of time stamp so everytime u open the playlist it will have to re-arrange the playlist to repopulate with songs not played in awhile or past the last sync

  8. That looks delicious. I’ve never had it, what is it?…other than lots of chocolate?

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