Good Weekend…Good Food!

We had a really good weekend. Friday night Isabel and I went out to dinner with a bunch of my family that came in town from San Angelo. We went to Babes (best chicken fried steak I have ever had…great restaurant with food served family style – no menu – you choose from fried chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken tenders, catfish, smoked chicken or pot roast. All you can eat mashed taters, cream corn, green beans and homeade biscuits – oh and salad).

Saturday afternoon our friends Marcus, Shannon and little Ryan came over. Ryan is about 6 months younger than Isabel. The kids had a blast. It is so interesting to watch the interaction – of course Isabel wanted every single toy Ryan was playing with. Sharing is not on a two year olds mind! Isabel really took exception when Ryan picked up woobie! Right after that woobie went night-night. It was cute. Isabel took it and put it in her bed! I made lasagna and I must say it came out great (thanks Vilma!!). Ricardo made chocolate supreme (again thanks Vilma!!:grin:) It was delicious!!

Sunday morning Isabel and I went to church. I took her to the nursery and they have 2 classes – 2 and under and over 2. Well since she is not 2 yet they put her in the younger class. She told me bye and started playing immediately. Ok, this is good. I go into the church service and it lasts an hour and a half – very long. So I go to pick her up and she has her back to me and I said hey curly cue and she turned on a dime and opened the door and could not get out of there fast enough…UGH!! I asked the girl if she did ok, and she said she did fine. Very reassuring! hahaha…I don’t think she cried but she was ready to leave. So I have mixed feelings about taking her back:

1. I know it was the first time she has been by herself for longer than 15 minutes (the last time I took her to the nursery). I asked her if she had fun and she said yes. I asked her if she would go back and she said yes. How much of that she actually understood…that’s another story…:grin:

2. I think she would have done much better in the older class. There were only a few kids in the class she was in and they were much younger than her.

3. This is the place where she will be going to MDO. I don’t want her to associate it with something negative. I will call today to see where we are on the waiting list for the class and ask her about putting Isabel in the older class next Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Galleria to meet up with some of Ricky’s family that were visiting from the Dominican Republic. We met at the play area and the kids played for a while. Surprisingly Isabel only wanted to play for about 15-20 minutes and wanted out. So we chatted for a bit then went home.

Well that was our weekend.


4 responses to “Good Weekend…Good Food!

  1. When we are in town, I wanna go to that restaurant. I love anything family style. I’m hungry!

  2. Actually come to think of it, we’ve been wanting to take a trip to Dallas sometime. When D walks, hopefully in the next 6 weeks or so, we will head up and go to the zoo. I heard the Dallas zoo is great, though Ric says you have to go packing, but may be worth it…haha. Dang, that’s like in time for OU weekend then huh?

  3. OU weekend…hmmm…

  4. I took Isabel to the Fort Worth Zoo a few months back and it is supposedly much nicer than the Dallas Zoo. Haven’t been to the Dallas one so I don’t have any comparison but Ric’s cousin said the Dallas zoo is much older…..she liked the Ft. Worth one better….just my 2 cents!

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