Sick child…

Isabel got sick on Friday so our weekend shifted gears a little. Poor thing had a fever and had acid reflux Friday night so of course being the neurotic mother that I am – I called the answering service at the pediatrician’s office and had the on call doctor call me. Ended up giving Isabel some mylanta and motrin. The motrin works great!!! And she actually likes it! Asked for more 😀 Mylanta too – she slept pretty good after that.

Saturday morning she still has a little fever but was more like her spunky self. We didn’t do much – went to get Ricardo a new battery for the truck and then went to Richardson Bikemart for a new tire for his bike. Well…they had a tricycle there so we let Isabel get on it and ride around. Needless to say, she DID NOT want to get off of it…when you even touched her it was NO MY TRICYCLE!! So I went to pay and as soon as I was done, Ricardo tore her off of it and we ran out the door with her kicking and screaming. It was really sad…lots of tears. For the next ten minutes in the car we kept hearing “that way, tricyle that way”. At least I am glad to know she will love her birthday present!. It’s really cute – pink with a white basket and we are going to put the streamers on the handlebars and a little bell. She is going to love it!

When she woke up from her nap on Saturday she was coughing and crying and was just miserable. So of course I called the doctor again….(I swear I don’t do it often :oops:) and by the time she called me back, Isabel had perked up and was feeling much better.

Saturday night I made burgers on the grill so while they were cooking I got out the sprinkler and let her play. She had a blast!!

Sunday morning we didn’t go to church – I didn’t want to be the new mom who brings her sick child to the nursery. She is much better but still has a cough and snotty nose so I thought it would be better if we just stayed home. We vegged all day long. I bought Isabel some finger paints a while back so I got those out and she had lots of fun. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even messy. Well, not that messy. And they are washable so it cleaned up really easily. I took some cute pics – have them up soon. We are putting up her art work in our offices. Now Ricardo isn’t feeling all that great…but he says its all worth it!

I love being a mom!! 😀


5 responses to “Sick child…

  1. Being sick sucks. Since I got sick, I gave D a running nose. I felt terrible. But he’s a tough one so didn’t bother him much. I was afraid his nose get all stuffed up that I sat next to him while he slept all night – and coincidentally it was the night that Lyn went to the bachelor party! Arrrg….the responsibilities of being a mom. Yah, I love it too…haha.

  2. I kinda gave Ally a little runny nose too, but she doesn’t even notice, liitle pumpkin. Oh, good times…whether its rubbing lemonade in their hair or them peeing on the carpet, we’ll have these memories to keep us laughing for a long time. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world…

  3. AMEN!!! Can’t imagine not having her in my life!

  4. Unless they pee on your hair…then we have a problem…just joking…

  5. you might want to rethink the bell

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