What a game!

(2) Texas 25 – (4) OSU 22

Good morning everybody and what a glorious morning it is. I didn’t write much on the post last night because I was very tired and because I was still a little incredulous that my (not your :razz:) Texas Longhorns had come back to beat the Buckeyes at THE Horseshoe. Alright, it’s confession time. All the hype this week had me worried. All the talk of Vince Young had me worried. All the smack the players were talking had me worried. I knew our team was good but I still had some doubts. Could Young pass if his running got stopped? Could our DB’s cover those amazingly fast WR’s OSU has? More importantly, could our WR’s come out and support Young? And the most important, could our kicking team make the PAT’s?

All the questions were answered last night. Vince Young came out on the first drive and was his usual self. Rushed for a ton of yards and the Horns scored. But the OSU defense adapted and answered and held Young in check for the rest of the game. But then, in the third quarter, I saw something that made my ears perk up. Young dropped back to pass and after dodging a sack he threw the ball down the field to Pittman for a 60 yard gain. Young made the OSU defense pay for their blitz with his arm. It looked like that play revitalized Young’s arm as he was deadly accurate after that. And to put the capper on that, to win the game, he didn’t make a miraculous run making everyone on the defense look stupid. He took what the OSU defense gave him and that was touch pass to the corner of the end zone to Sweed.

I’m not saying that Young’s outing was spotless. He did have 2 interceptions in this game. One was squarely his fault as he tried to pass while getting tackled and threw the ball directly to a line backer (man, those linebackers for OSU are good) and the second was an amazing play by the OSU linebackers (did I say they were good?) to pop the pass in the air for another linebacker to get it. Also, our defense came out and had the greatest outing I’ve seen in any of their games. They just didn’t allow OSU’s offense to get into the end zone. OSU was in the red zone 4 time and 3 out of those 4 the defense didn’t allow the Buckeyes have 7. They had to settle for FG’s and at the same time keeping the Horns in the game. If it wasn’t for that amazing defense we would’ve been blown out.

I’m also not saying that Vince Young can walk on water but we are seeing something very special. There may be better arms out there in college football but I don’t think there is a better football player out there than Vince Young. After the Rose Bowl at the end of last season and after this higly hyped game, the Longhorns have something that makes them deadly….confidence… Now we have to be careful. We don’t want a TCU to beat us because we got over-confident…

We’ll, I’ll get off my soap box now and just say…GO HORNS!


2 responses to “What a game!

  1. oh man, i’m so proud of ricardo. after all the videogames and watching football together he finally can see the game as an art. he actually told me he saw a “3-3-5” defense from OU and he actually knew the importance of “overpursuit” and how to counter it.

    Ric i’m proud, so teary.

    And to understand that great qbs work with what is given and don’t force things is another. but to pick yourself up after turnovers and such. very impress.

    Ricky and Cedric didn’t do it to this level against these kind of opponents. so vince is ever so slightly going up my ladder as the greatest UT “football” player ever.

  2. think you missed your calling…should have been a sports writer!

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