Balloon Festival

This past Saturday I took Isabel to the Plano Hotair Balloon Festival. We went with the Ferruzzi gang. We got there close to 6 (it was still 400 degrees outside) to catch the launch of the hot air balloons. It was really neat. The kids got a kick out of it.

I was prepared to eat my way through this place but it just wasn’t meant to be…hahaha.

Isabel and I shared a roasted corn. YUMMY!! And the kids wanted pizza so they got that. I did get a fajita but it wasn’t very good so I threw most of it away. That was the extent of my fair food sad to say! 😦

While the kids were eating pizza under this misters, I noticed they were doing pony rides in the kiddie section. It was the best spent $3 of my life! Isabel was so happy. She had a non-stop ear to ear smile the whole time! It was priceless!! She got to ride a real live horse! Luckily, Zaida had a camera to capture the event. Hopefully they will be posted when they get developed! She was not even the slightest bit reluctant to get on the horse. 😛

It started to cool off and the crowds started to gather so we went to the no crowd mini-kiddie section and the kids played with sidewalk chalk. They played with that for probably 45 minutes and had a blast.

After that it was getting dark and they were about to have the final balloon launch with all the cool balloons. They had a cow, flower, tree with birds, and many more beautiful balloons. It looks so neat when they lit up! They counted down from 10 and yelled BURN at the end. They did it several times. Isabel doesn’t know how to count backwards yet so yesterday she was telling Ricardo about it and was saying 1…2…3…4…5…BURN! It was really cute!

It was a lot of fun! I think it made a lasting impression on Isabel! 😀


One response to “Balloon Festival

  1. This kinda stuff is always so much fun. I can’t wait until the Kite Festival in Austin this spring, D should be old enough to enjoy that.

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