2 Year Checkup

Yesterday was Isabel’s 2 year check up. She is now 35.5 inches long (90%), 26 pounds (50%) and her head mesasurement is still 97% (she has her Papi’s big brain :smile:). I think she is going to be tall and skinny like her parents (well, used to be anyway…:wink:)

The doctor said she looked great and had great motor skills. Isabel was really hamming it up for the doctor – she is too funny! She was kinda break dancing on the floor – crazy kid!

She got her vision screening done and thankfully as of now she doesn’t show any of the nearsightedness that afflicts both ther parents…YEA!!!

She got one shot and got blood taken. I wasn’t in there…:oops:…I can’t handle it! Ricardo got to do the honors and he said she did really well when they were taking the blood – more fascinated than anything. But the shot was another thing – she cried and cried. I could hear her all the way down the hall…:sad: Poor baby!!

Now we don’t go back until she is 3…crazy!


3 responses to “2 Year Checkup

  1. test post…dunno Kathie…seemed to work for me…let me know if it doesn’t work…

  2. test

  3. looked yummy, how many corndogs did you eat?

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