Spam is Back

Recently, we’ve been receving comment spam on the site. So, I had to re-implement an ‘access’ code for commenting on the posts. When commenting, a code will be generated and displayed. Just enter this code in the appropriate box before clicking ‘Add My Comment’.



3 responses to “Spam is Back

  1. Dude that code thing is a pain. Haha.

    But I know what you are sayin’. Still it’s a pain ;)!

  2. dude, i don’t think the code on isabel’s corner is working, but i could be an idiot

    geez ric, all that techie jazz…so complicated and i’ll i wanted to say was happy belated bday to isabel 😉 hehe

  3. hmm…just tried entering a test comment on the ‘2 Year Checkup’ post and seemed to work ok…let me know if it doesn’t work again and I’ll take a look at the code…thanks…

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