From the 'what the…' department

So, here I am just looking arund the iTunes store (WARNING – the links that are coming up go to the iTunes music store through iTunes) and I start looking at new children’s music that is out (BTW The Backyardigan’s CD is out…some of you will just get that). I stumble accross something that I found peculiar. A children’s song with the name ‘Push It‘ from the CD ‘Hip Hop Baby‘. I’m thinking to myself ‘nah, can’t be…they can’t have a baby version of Salt n’ Pepa’s Push It. Well, lo and behold, they do. I start digging a little deeper and I find from ‘80’s Baby‘ (if you want some Come on Eileen) to ‘Country Baby‘ (if you want some Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys). But the one that really got my attention was ‘Dance Baby‘ and their lullaby version of Blue Monday…that was just too much…hehehe

There is a whole series of them…


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