Fair and Cowboys

Tommie’s parents came up from San Antonio this weekend and we decided to head out to the Texas State Fair yesterday morning (before the Texas game of course…BTW, hook’em :wink:). We got to the fair about 10AM and I think, from now on, this is when we should go to the fair. We were able to park one block from the fairgrounds, the fairgrounds were easy to navigate and there weren’t many people there. I just wanted to point out that I posted many pictures in the moblog while there. Check’em out… I’ll let Tommie fill you in on the rest.

Now, let’s talk about the Cowboys… I’m so glad they beat those pesky Giants. Now they are 4-2 and in first place in the NFC East… It wasn’t a very pretty game with 8 overall turnovers (4 a piece) but the defense held the Giants for most of the game and that is now 2 weeks in a row when the defense showed me something. Keep it going ‘boys.


2 responses to “Fair and Cowboys

  1. meant to post here…

    how many corndogs?


  2. I had 2 right when we go there…one plain and one jalapeño/cheese…so good…was too full by the time we left and the lines were too long to have any more…

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