Big Weekend!

We had a big weekend! My parents came up from San Antonio on Friday and we met up with the Uncles for dinner at Saltgrass Friday night. Isabel did so well – she actually stayed in her high chair for an hour and a half – i think that is a record at a restaurant!

Saturday morning we got up early (we always get up early :smile:) and went down to the fair. We weren’t real sure how long Isabel would stay in her stroller – you can never tell with her! And usually once she gets out of the stroller, she ain’t gettin back in!

We stopped by Fletcher’s to get the best ever made corndogs in the whole world just about first thing. The stand is right in front of Big Tex and for those who don’t know who Big Tex is – he is the tallest cowboy in the world (there is a pic in the moblog). He has a loudspeaker and talks the whole time. He really scared Isabel. We had to get as far away from him as possible – she was really scared and crying. Poor baby. (She doesn’t even like looking at the picture on the website of him.)

Then we found the roasted corn! YUM! We got one for us with lots of hot stuff on it and then one for Isabel. Right then Isabel found the carousel and my Mom was nice enough to take her on it. It was the longest ride I have ever seen – Isabel was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. We did get her back in the stroller to eat her corn thankfully.

Next we got a funnel cake and some tornado taters and ate those and just kept walking around. It was really nice being there when they opened – there were no crowds! We went to see the Budweiser horses – those suckers are HUGE! They are also gorgeous creatures! Isabel wanted to touch them but settled for just looking at them. They even had the little donkey that is in the commercials – she was really cute.

Next door Fisher Price had a great play place for kids. In one section they had basketball, little automatic cars and tricycles to ride. Isabel had fun there but next door they had a huge section with nothing but TOYS! She had a blast. We had to pull her away kicking and screaming. She did get to see life size little people. They were cute. It was so nice to have a place to let her run around and burn off some steam after being stuck in the stroller. Thanks Fisher Price!

By this time it was starting to get more crowded and we were making our way to the fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches. It was delicious!!! You have to like PBJ&B of course but if you do, you would love this! Everything is better fried!

So basically I fed my daughter very well at the fair….roasted corn with butter, funnel cake and tornado taters! But she loved it all. Everyone needs to eat a bunch of junk every now and then!! 😀

Isabel was wiped out by this time and next thing I knew she was alseep in the stroller. For those of you that know Isabel – that almost NEVER happens! It was getting really crowded (and HOT) and the lines to get another corndog were too long so we walked a little more, used the last of our tickets and headed home. We were there for about 3 hours…seemed like 6! Why again is it 90 degrees the middle of October? I think everyone had a great time!

Isabel woke up when we got to the car and was upset that we were leaving the fair. She wanted to go back and talked about it yesterday too. Very cute…I’m so glad she had fun!

Since we had been so bad at the fair we decided to continue it and went to dinner at Babe’s. I don’t think I have ever had better “home cookin” in my life. It was great! Homemade biscuits and honey…..need I say more? Babe’s never disappoints!

We got up and went to church in the morning on Sunday – I think Isabel had fun. She was ready to leave but I think she enjoyed it.

My parents left shortly after church and me and Isabel took a 2 hour nap….woke up and did nothing the rest of the day…nice to relax after a big weekend.


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