My Baby is Starting School!

Well I finally did it.

My little angel will be starting school next Tuesday. By school I mean Mother’s Day Out program at a church by our house. She will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 – 2:30. Me, JJ and Isabel visited the school today. Isabel was so excited – she didn’t want to leave. I took that as a good sign! 🙂 Her class has 8 other children now but one will be moving up in January.

JJ and I were very impressed by the structure of the class and the school overall. They feed the kids hot lunches everyday as well as 2 snacks. They have nap time after lunch – that will be interesting to see how that works. So this weekend we will go shopping for a “school woobie” for her and a nap mat.

I know she is so ready for this and will have so much fun but I am a little sad about it all…:sad: My baby is growing up! I know she will do great and enjoy playing with other kids her own age – it’s just so hard to let go…

But it works out really well that she is starting next Tuesday because next Thursday the school is having thier Fall Fest and Isabel will get to wear her halloween costume and I will get to meet the other parents of the kids in her class.

So needless to say, I will be a basket case next Tuesday all day long! 😀


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