Trick or Treat!

Trick or treating was a blast! Zaida, Marco, Bella and Diego came over to our house to go trick or treating. We headed out around 6:15 and there were only about 4 houses on our street with lights on! I was shocked! (But they could have been doing what we did…we both wanted to go so we turned off our light!).

The second house we went to the kids went up to the door and knocked. We could see people in the living room but they didn’t move. So we decided that they weren’t coming so we turned around to leave. Right at that moment a man opened the door and screamed BOO! Isabel and Diego lost it – started running and screaming crying! Thanks man for ruining Halloween for my kid!!! 😛 He felt really bad but the damage had been done. Isabel wouldn’t even go get any candy after that.

Luckily after a few more houses she figured out that candy was better than just walking around and getting nothing!! The streets around ours had many more houses giving out candy so it was great! It was hard to get Isabel to say trick or treat at first…I would say what do you say Isabel and she would say Please…it was really cute. After a while she got the hang of it and the girls were going up by themselves to get the candy.

We were out for about an hour and went back to the house to give out candy around 7. We only had about 5 groups of kids come by. I guess everyone was out when we were. Oh well, more candy for us!!! 😀

It was a very memorable experience for us all! We took lots of pictures so we will get them up soon! (Pictures are up) Isabel had a great time with her cousins. Just another wonderful thing about being a parent…you get to go trick or treating in your 30s…hahaha.

Her favorite thing of all was a whistle!


One response to “Trick or Treat!

  1. Isabel had the best costume this Halloween! JoJo rocks!

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