3rd day of school

Yesterday was Isabel’s 3rd day of school. Jerry dropped her off and she was very upset. Ms. Kara had to take her from Jerry’s arms. Of course I had to cry about that for a few hours…hehehe

Ricardo called the school around 9:30 and they said she was doing fine. I called again around 10:30 (yes, I am a pain when it comes to the welfare of my child! :grin:) and she was doing fine.

Jerry picked her up at 11:45 and she was happy to see him but didn’t seem upset or anything. YEA!

Everyday they send home a note that says what they did that day, how much lunch they ate, etc. It said Isabel did much better and participated in all the activities and PLAYED WITH FRIENDS!!! I am so happy!!!

Ms. Kara told Jerry that she did 100% better. It will take some time to get her to stay the whole day but hopefully she will adjust just fine!

I was really upset and ready to pull her out but Ricardo held his ground (thankfully). I am just so emotional when it comes to Isabel (and I’m sure my raging pregnancy hormones have nothing to do with it :wink:) that I go with my heart strings and not my head. I knew it would be a difficult change for her but I guess I wasn’t emotionally prepared for it.

Tomorrow is day 4 – we’ll see how that goes!


One response to “3rd day of school

  1. I can just imagine the drama around Ms. Isabel and school!!! I’m so glad she’s doing so much better….did you receive the dresses? I sent them on Monday. Wow, you were busy posting photos, enjoyed them all, the Halloween costume was beautiful!!!

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