4th Day.

I promise I will not be writing after every day of Isabel’s school…:grin:

But yesterday Ricardo dropped her off and she did start bawling when Ms. Kara took her. But I called the school around 10 and they said she was sitting in circle time giggling with a little girl!! YEA!!! My baby is making friends!

On the paper that Ms. Kara sends home about the day said “Great Day :smile:”. That makes me so happy.

Slowly but surely we will get there!! We are going to start adding and extra 30 minutes starting next Tuesday. Hopefully soon she will be staying the whole time!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! We are going to Houston to finally meet Ally!


2 responses to “4th Day.

  1. No. You should write about all the details!!! It’s interesting. Moms learn from each other’s experiences. You can’t get that stuff from a book!

  2. BTW – I’m glad Isabel is enjoying it now.

    Dang Ric – this code thing. Haha. I love complaining about it every time I have to enter it. Don’t mind me. But I’ll complain again after a week or so. LOL.

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