Trip to H-Town!

This past weekend we finally made the trip over to Houston to visit Lawrence, Jessica and baby Ally! Ally is almost one and this is the first time we met her!

We got there Friday night around 8ish so Ally was already asleep. Isabel was in toy heaven! She was so enthralled with all of Ally’s toys that she didn’t even notice the stairs!!

Jessica had ordered some fabulous Chinese takeout for dinner so we ate and chatted. We finally had to drive Isabel around to get her to go to sleep (almost always happens the first night we stay anywhere away).

We got up (Isabel at 5:30 thank you very much) and went to breakfast and then went back to the house so the boys could watch UT beat up on Baylor. I can’t believe I am going to say this…but it is actually kinda nice that the kids get up so early sometime…we got to spend much more time together since we got up at the crack of dawn! 🙂

We hung out all day and the kids played and played and played and played. Me and Jess took the girls to the park for a while but man it was HOT!

That night we went to dinner at Kona Grill. It was really good. I got to have some sushi – smoked salmon but still sushi and it was great! Both girls went to bed around 8 so we hung out chatting for a while but me and Jess pooped out early!

Sunday for brunch we went to eat Dim Sum. It was delicious!!! I had never been before – it was awesome! We need to find a Dim Sum restaurant in Dallas for sure!

A big thanks to the Tam’s for a great weekend…

Good friends, good food, good fun! That’s what it is all about! 😀


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