Thanksgiving Weekend

Sometimes you should just stay home…

Wednesday afternoon we head down to San Antonio. Just outside San Marcos Isabel got sick. We thought..oh, she’s carsick….well….maybe not; she kept throwing up! We finally got to San Antonio and were there about an hour before we headed to the ER (she kept throwing up after we got to SA). Isabel was dehydrated and going downhill fast! We got to the childrens ER and there were people everywhere! But since Isabel was so sick we got in almost immediately. They put an IV in her and she didn’t even flinch she felt so bad. Poor baby. (There are pictures in the moblog). After about 15-20 minutes, the IV kicked in and she started feeling much better. We finally left around 2 AM and went home. Our first trip to the ER wasn’t too bad thankfully.

Thursday morning we were all tired but feeling pretty good. We went to Johanna and Brian’s new house for turkey dinner. The house turned out great – it is beautiful! Lunch was delicious.

To spare you the rest, I will just say this…everyone that came into contact with Isabel got sick over the next 3 days! When we left San Antonio yesterday, the count was up to 10!

But at least Thanksgiving day turned out good. That we can be thankful for! 🙂


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