I know it has been a while since I have posted anything so this may be a little long…

We had a great holiday season. We spent Christmas in San Antonio. Isabel had tons of fun and got lots of great gifts. This is the first year she kinda understood what was going on. She loved opening the gifts!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Rockwall. We had a great time and Isabel even made it to see the ball drop. She danced the night away with Tia Annie.

She was a little upset that all the lights and trees have been taken down. She really loved driving around and looking at all the lights.

Isabel did pretty good getting back into the swing of things with school. She is just now getting back to taking a nap…we are back up to 20 minutes. But she seems to really enjoy her classmates and teacher. The Carrollton Fire Department will be at school tomorrow so I’m sure she will really enjoy that.

She is starting to understand (we think) about her baby sister coming. She knows she will be a big sister but don’t really know if she KNOWS what that means! 🙂 She knows Vittoria is in my belly and says she has dollies in her belly too.

On January 14, Tammy and Brian got married and Isabel was the flower girl. She looked so precious! She had so much fun dancing and running around. She kinda froze when it was time to walk down the aisle but she did walk down holding my hand. We have tons of pictures and I’m sure they will be up soon…have to talk to my technical director about that! 🙂

This past weekend we went to Ikea and got Isabel her big girl bed. It is really cute. She loves it but doesn’t want to sleep in it just yet. It’s a huge transition and we have plenty of time so we will just let her go at her own pace. It has a rainbow canopy type thing that she loves and had to have. She remembered it from the first time we went to Ikea back in November! Smart kid! We will have to put a picture up so you can see it.

Well I guess that catches up with what has been going on in Isabel’s world that last few months.

More to come…


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