As some of you guys might know, we just had our last (I think) sonogram this past Thursday and (cue Barney Fife) surprise, surprise, surprise, what do we find but some plumbing.

Our little Vittoria Erin Amell will now be our little Aidan Alejandro Amell…how’s that for a curve ball…

We are so excited about these news…well, all we have to do now is wait for the week of May 10th…

Sloof Lirpa

3 responses to “Woops!

  1. uncle JOE DAVID

    HMMMMM…….I think the promise was, “if it’s a boy, it’s Joe David”……last time for the legacy to continue in this generation……lol……..

  2. uncle JOE DAVID


  3. Just to avoid any further confusion – please look at the date of this post and remember who wrote it 🙂

    Happy Belated April Fools Day!!

    It’s still a girl!!

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