Monday Night….put Isabel to bed at 8:30. Finally fell asleep and stayed in her bed at 9:07. We are making progress.  I go to bed not to long after that.  I hear her crying around 12:30 and turns out Ricky found her asleep on the floor in the hallway.  Poor thing! So she woke up when he put her back in bed.  Finally got her back to sleep at 1:30.  She woke up at 6:40.

Tuesday night…put her to bed at 8:37. She got out several times in the next 5 minutes so I decided to stand in her doorway where she could see me.  She stayed in bed and was asleep in 5 minutes!!! WOW!!  She woke up after I went to sleep and Ricky did the same thing and she fell back asleep pretty quickly.  She came to our room around 2 and I did the same thing and had her back to sleep in about 15 minutes.  She woke up around 6:15 (which is still entirely too early but that is another battle!)

Maybe we have stumbled across something…will keep you posted!


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