It's Summertime!

Hello everyone! I know it has been ages since I have blogged so I thought I would fill you in on what has been going on at the Amell’s.

We went down to San Antonio for Memorial Day weekend and took Isabel and Zachary to Sea World. It rained all weekend while we were in SA but luckily not one drop while we were at Sea World. Isabel had a great time. She really liked the show with the dolphins because it had an acrobat dressed like a butterfly. She has since decided when she grows up she wants to be a butterfly…too cute! She is at the perfect age to go to places like that now. I feel like she really enjoyed the whole experience. She talked about it for days and still talks about it! Thankfully my parents watched Tori – I don’t think she would have had much fun.

We went to the SA zoo on Sunday and luckily avoided the rain there as well. That zoo hasn’t changed much in 30 years but it was still fun. My mom, sister and I took the girls. Tori enjoyed it as much as a one year old can I guess…haha. Isabel’s favorite animal was Gloria – the hippo. She called it Gloria because of the movie Madagascar.

It was a good trip to SA.

Isabel started summer camp at Fingerprints last week and has been having fun. Her friend from her class is also there so she is happy! She is also taking a cooking class on Fridays. It is very cute! The first week they made strawberry jello parfaits. Isabel doesn’t like strawberries or jello but she had a blast in the class. Last week they make pizza biscuits and she really liked that. She is still doing ballet once a week as well. She went to gymnastics camp yesterday for 5 hours. She was exhausted when she got home but said it was so much fun and she wants to go back. She was asleep by 7!! She also has swim lessons starting next week too…very busy little girl!! But it keeps her out of trouble 🙂

Tori is doing great. She is walking more and more every day. She loves to eat – so my daughter!! She ate a ton of broccoli last night at dinner – ok, maybe not my daughter…hahaha. She will eat just about anything you give her – avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrot, peas (loves peas). And she is also a big fruit eater as well. Yea!!! At least my children eat healthy!! Tori will do swim lessons in July. She played in the blow up pool in the backyard the other day and loved it so I am hoping she will like the big pool as well.

Tori has been learning to climb on everything. You have to check on her every 5 seconds! I noticed she was not in the living room and went to look for her and she was standing on Isabel’s stool in the bathroom admiring herself in the mirror…haha. She is very smart, she will push a box over to the couch and use it to climb on the couch. She is learning how to crawl down things…face first! She hasn’t quite grasped the backing up and turning around thing yet. I found her standing on the little rocker in Isabel’s room the other day…she is fearless!!

We are looking forward to Ricky’s parents coming to Dallas for 4th of July. We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving so we are really excited they are coming to visit.

Hopefully Ricky will get some new pics and video up in the next few days.


One response to “It's Summertime!

  1. cyberhippiekat

    Yes, it has been a long time since somone blogged on this site!!!!

    I like going to SA too. It’s such a short drive for us and tons to do for kids and adults. I really want to buy season pass for SeaWorld again this year, but staying overnight is pricey. I’m going to try to day trip it now that Dylan is older.

    I really like the SA Zoo too. I think it’s layed out so much better than the Houston Zoo.

    You’re so lucky that Tori eats well. Dylan is the probably the worst eater I know. Biscuits gravy, white rice, tortillas, and corn. Sad.

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