Ugh, out of shape…again

So, I got really lazy the past couple of years and got really out of shape. Didn’t really touch the bike. Lost all those base miles I had built up. Ballooned like a puffer fish. I went from 169 pounds to 2xsesgc&$^@++++ [CARRIER LOST]

Well, started cycling again a couple of weeks ago and man, it sucks right now. Muscles hurt, hills hurt, everything hurts.

Right now I’m doing 20 miles on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. and 10 miles on Tuesday to recover. I won’t be doing my really long weekend rides for a while until I can get back those base miles. Little by little I’ll be adding miles to the Sunday ride.

Man, it sucks carrying that extra weight up those hills. 🙂

I did find a new site to keep track of the exercise, weight and food. It’s traineo (see info box above; only viewable from the main page and from the Cycling category posts). It is web 2.0’ish and pretty easy to navigate. It does not have the food database Fitday has but I like the info buttons like the one above. Right now I’m showing the calories burned one until I can lose some more weight and I can then show the weight to go or weight lost one.


2 responses to “Ugh, out of shape…again

  1. dang, you hit 169! I do believe the last time I was 169 I was in 7th grade and was 5’7 and going through puberty

  2. Primo Te felicito por tu regreso al deporte da las ruedas y pedales……. y sigue que Poco a Poco se Llena de Agua El Coco …..JA JA JA …..!!!!!!. Por el momento el unico ejercisio que hago es buscar el Periodico ( 30-40 Ft ??? ) / Lunes-Jueves – Sabados …….y algunos Domingos …….Jejeje….

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