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Nochebuena 2009

What has happened?

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve set foot in this blog. Work has been keeping me busy (which is a good thing). I’ll try to post some new stuff…

Beautiful day…


Dominican Republic Pictures

Here they are…

We are back…

We are back from our trip to the Dominican Republic. We had lotsa fun and will post with more detail pretty soon. Right now we are just trying to take today and get back into the swing of things. We are definately looking forward to tomorrow morning.

I will be posting many of the tons of pictures and videos we took. For now, here’s a little taste (click to enlarge).

Beach view from Viva Wyndham.

Beach view from Viva Wyndham.

Isabel's First Soccer Game

Isabel played her first soccer game. Sorry there are not many action pictures or video of her goals. I was busy sheering cheering (that accent pops out every once in a while 🙂 ).


[media id=59 width=512 height=414]





Testing out posting from my phone.

Dan Rather on Current News Outlets

And this is why I try to get my news from BBC. Dan Rather takes the US news organizations to task.

[media id=57 width=425 height=354]

We look a little different.

Decided to change the look of the site a bit.

Things will be changing here and there while I get to know this theme and its settings.