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Monday Night….put Isabel to bed at 8:30. Finally fell asleep and stayed in her bed at 9:07. We are making progress.  I go to bed not to long after that.  I hear her crying around 12:30 and turns out Ricky found her asleep on the floor in the hallway.  Poor thing! So she woke up when he put her back in bed.  Finally got her back to sleep at 1:30.  She woke up at 6:40.

Tuesday night…put her to bed at 8:37. She got out several times in the next 5 minutes so I decided to stand in her doorway where she could see me.  She stayed in bed and was asleep in 5 minutes!!! WOW!!  She woke up after I went to sleep and Ricky did the same thing and she fell back asleep pretty quickly.  She came to our room around 2 and I did the same thing and had her back to sleep in about 15 minutes.  She woke up around 6:15 (which is still entirely too early but that is another battle!)

Maybe we have stumbled across something…will keep you posted!

To Sleep or not to sleep…

This is a warning to all the parents out there of young children: DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SLEEP IN YOUR BED! (unless you want them there forever!). As most of you know, Isabel was hospitalized a few weeks ago and was pretty sick for about a week. During the time she was recovering, we let her sleep in our bed with us – big mistake – HUGE!

Up until she got sick, she would sleep in her big girl bed with no problems at all. Now, we have been battling for up to 2 hours every single night to get her to sleep in her bed and stay there all night. It is very frustrating, exhausting and especially heartbreaking! It is so hard to just put her back in her bed ignoring her pleas and cries but apparently that is how you must do it. I have scoured the internet, talked to lots of other moms and Isabel’s pediatrician.

And with Tori’s arrival imminent, it is especially critical that we get Isabel back in her bed. We have 4 weeks. 4 weeks!!!! We made a little progress, or so we thought last week.

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Update on Isabel

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers for Isabel this past week. I finally have good news – she has turned the corner and is feeling much better.

She went out the doggie door in a shirt, shoes, sunglasses and ski cap earlier – I would venture to say she is feeling much better! 🙂

Isabel's First Movie

Jerry took Isabel to the movies today for the first time.  They went to see Curious George.  She really seemed to enjoy the whole thing.  Jerry said that if it hadn’t been for the previews, they probably would have stayed the whole time.  They were there for 1 1/2 hours – that is pretty good to keep Isabel in one place for that long! :)  Jerry said that she said she needed to go home and take a nap so they left about 20-30 minutes before the movie was over.  And here it is a few hours later and she is still awake!

She called me when they got home and was telling me all about it.  It was so cute – she said that you had to be quiet in the movies!

I’m so glad she had a good experience!  Now Ricardo will have someone to go to the movies with :) 

Such a big girl!

Another milestone…Isabel slept in her big girl bed last night for the first time.  I kept waiting for her to come in our room, but she never did.  She stayed in her bed the whole night!  Let’s hope it is a new trend, not a one shot thing! 🙂


She took a nap in her big girl bed!

I don’t know how Jerry does it!!  Isabel took a 2 hour nap in her new big girl bed yesterday!  She didn’t want to sleep in it last night but that’s ok.  I don’t know if I am ready for that yet anyway…hehehe


I know it has been a while since I have posted anything so this may be a little long…

We had a great holiday season. We spent Christmas in San Antonio. Isabel had tons of fun and got lots of great gifts. This is the first year she kinda understood what was going on. She loved opening the gifts!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Rockwall. We had a great time and Isabel even made it to see the ball drop. She danced the night away with Tia Annie.

She was a little upset that all the lights and trees have been taken down. She really loved driving around and looking at all the lights.

Isabel did pretty good getting back into the swing of things with school. She is just now getting back to taking a nap…we are back up to 20 minutes. But she seems to really enjoy her classmates and teacher. The Carrollton Fire Department will be at school tomorrow so I’m sure she will really enjoy that.

She is starting to understand (we think) about her baby sister coming. She knows she will be a big sister but don’t really know if she KNOWS what that means! 🙂 She knows Vittoria is in my belly and says she has dollies in her belly too.

On January 14, Tammy and Brian got married and Isabel was the flower girl. She looked so precious! She had so much fun dancing and running around. She kinda froze when it was time to walk down the aisle but she did walk down holding my hand. We have tons of pictures and I’m sure they will be up soon…have to talk to my technical director about that! 🙂

This past weekend we went to Ikea and got Isabel her big girl bed. It is really cute. She loves it but doesn’t want to sleep in it just yet. It’s a huge transition and we have plenty of time so we will just let her go at her own pace. It has a rainbow canopy type thing that she loves and had to have. She remembered it from the first time we went to Ikea back in November! Smart kid! We will have to put a picture up so you can see it.

Well I guess that catches up with what has been going on in Isabel’s world that last few months.

More to come…

It's a Girl!

It’s a Girl!

We went to the doctor today and the sonogram revealed a healthy baby girl! We are very excited!

Little Vittoria Erin Amell will make her debut in mid May. (In case you are curious – I found the name in a book I read a while back and thought it was very unique and beautiful – Ricky agreed and it was settled!)

We are still working on the whole big sister thing with Isabel…I know she will come around! 😀 She still is a little young to grasp the concept but will be a great big sister!

Thanksgiving Weekend

Sometimes you should just stay home…

Wednesday afternoon we head down to San Antonio. Just outside San Marcos Isabel got sick. We thought..oh, she’s carsick….well….maybe not; she kept throwing up! We finally got to San Antonio and were there about an hour before we headed to the ER (she kept throwing up after we got to SA). Isabel was dehydrated and going downhill fast! We got to the childrens ER and there were people everywhere! But since Isabel was so sick we got in almost immediately. They put an IV in her and she didn’t even flinch she felt so bad. Poor baby. (There are pictures in the moblog). After about 15-20 minutes, the IV kicked in and she started feeling much better. We finally left around 2 AM and went home. Our first trip to the ER wasn’t too bad thankfully.

Thursday morning we were all tired but feeling pretty good. We went to Johanna and Brian’s new house for turkey dinner. The house turned out great – it is beautiful! Lunch was delicious.

To spare you the rest, I will just say this…everyone that came into contact with Isabel got sick over the next 3 days! When we left San Antonio yesterday, the count was up to 10!

But at least Thanksgiving day turned out good. That we can be thankful for! 🙂

Birthday Party in Austin

Last Saturday we made the trek down to Austin to celebrate Dylan’s first birthday. The party was a hit. The kids had a blast. Isabel was in heaven with all the toys! Kat threw a great party!

We got to hang out with Lyndon, Kat, Law and Jess. It was nice and relaxing. It is so different now that we all have kids. Its so funny how priorities change. I guess it’s all part of growing up! Pretty soon we will all be on round 2 with the kiddos.

We had brunch at Trudy’s before heading back to Dallas on Sunday morning. MIGAS!! They are the best!

It was a fun weekend. And thankfully Isabel slept on Ricardo and not me this time in the hotel!! 😀 But at least she slept until 7…that is always nice!

A big thanks to Kathie and Lyndon