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It's the Final Countdoooooown!

A few pictures from a party Saturday I went to. Did some Karaoke. Yes, beer was involved.

My First Halloween Pumpkin

Here are a few pictures of me carving my first Halloween pumpkin. Even with the easy design it’s not as easy as it looks. Was fun though and had 2 good helpers.

Bye, Bye, Windows…

…well, for now.

I’ve taken a step toward Windows liberation. I backed up my hard drive (just in case we don’t mesh) and installed Ubuntu in my system drive. I’ve wet my feet before running the LiveCD but this time it’s a little more permanent.

My Ubuntu desktop.

So far, I’m doing good. I have found replacements for the applications I used in Windows (GIMP instead of Photoshop, Amarok instead of Winamp, k3b instead of Nero, etc…) and some of the applications have stayed the same (Firefox & Thunderbird). One thing is that this operating system is not for the command line squeamish. A lot of the things can be done graphically but it is so much easier in the command line. Thank goodness there is a great community ( where you can get your questions answered before, during and after the transition.


This is NOT "Rubbing it in"

I’m going to see The Police.

I’m going to see The Police.

I’m going to see The Police.


Ok, this is a very sad day for me.

Didn’t get to see them in concert…

Now I’ll have to settle for concert DVD’s…


New Order breaks up

Hopefully this will be one of those “breaks” that they take and not an official “break up”…

I’ll be in my room being all emo about this 🙂

Wiggles [VIDEO]

Took Isabel to see The Wiggles Live at Nokia today. Isabel had a lot of fun singing and dancing. There are a few pictures here and you can see a couple of vids below.


NJ & Moblog

Hey y’all… Howdy from New Jersey… Yes, you heard me right…New Jersey…

I was summoned last Friday to New Jersey and I have been up here since last Sunday. I, thank goodness, will be heading back to D-town Saturday. Can’t wait to see my two favorite women in the world.

Things up here have been a little hectic. First of all, I had no idea why I was coming up here. When Reddy (my boss) called on Friday (at 5:00PM none the less) to let me know I was needed in New Jersey, he didn’t know why. So, to say the least, I was a little nervous heading up here. Well, to make a long story short, I was named Engineering Project Manager for one of our product lines. We’ll see how that goes…

In other news, I’ve added a new section to the site. I’ve added a Moblog and you can find the link on the top bar or just click here.

I've been tricked!

…but in a good way…

This past weekend we were suposed to head down to San Antonio for Ford’s baptism. We flew down on Friday afternoon (by the way, Isabel did great on her first flight). The baptism was supposed to be on Saturday evening at Juan Carlos and Anita’s house. When we get there, for some reason it took them forever to open the door (it was drizzling) but I thought nothing of it. After Juan Carlos opens the door, a lot of people were inside and everyone is yelling “Surprise!”. When I saw them and they yelled, it still didn’t click. I was thinking, “surprise?, for what?”. Then I clicked…

My wife has been very tricky and sneaky… She’s been setting up this surprise birthday party for about 5 months. She did very good as I had absolutely no idea that this was going on. She even went to the point of setting up a special email address to communicate with invited guests…

A lot of family and friends were there. I wanted to thank everyone for coming, for the gifts and for those who weren’t able to come, you were there in spirit throwing back a few… Thanks to Anita and Juan Carlos for letting us borrow their house for the shindig…

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful wife. Thanks for the great party and for the effort. I love you and you got me…


Oh, and Duke over NC, 71-70…hehehe…

So, what am I NOT allergic to.

Today I went for (at last) my allergy test to find out what I’m alergic to. After I don’t know how many ear infections…

Here is the list…I am allergic to:

  • Dust Mites
    • D. Farinae – Moderate
    • Pteronyssinus – Moderate
  • Epidermals
    • Cats (no shocker there) – Moderate
  • Grasses
    • Bermuda Grass – Severe
    • Rye Grass – Severe
    • Johnson Grass – Severe
  • Dust
    • House Dust – Moderate
  • Trees
    • Mountain Cedar – Severe
    • Oak – Severe
    • Elm – Severe
    • Black Walnut – Severe
    • Sycamore – Severe
    • Cottonwood – Severe
    • Hackberry – Severe
    • Black Willow – Severe
  • Weeds
    • Giant Ragweed – Severe
    • Western Ragweed – Severe
    • English Plantain – Severe
    • Lambs Quarters – Severe
    • Russian Thistle – Severe

    So now I get to start allergy therapy to get these under control. I have the pleasure to, for the first few months, get 2 shots a week. The therapy should last a few years.