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The Tams Visit Dallas

Lawrence had a conference or indoctrination or something ( 🙂 ) here in town and were here for the weekend. It was very good to see them and hang out with them. We got to play Rockband and did a pretty good job selling the game to them. The girls had a blast playing. We will definitely be planning a trip down there to hang out some more. Enjoy some pictures.


Lawrence Being a Goober

Lawrence was interviewed for a podcast that is produced by one of the game trading websites we visit. Apparently Lawrence reviewed in and that caught the eye of the guys over at Goozex.

Here’s the interview (thanks to Goozex and their Goozcast).


Trip to H-Town!

This past weekend we finally made the trip over to Houston to visit Lawrence, Jessica and baby Ally! Ally is almost one and this is the first time we met her!

We got there Friday night around 8ish so Ally was already asleep. Isabel was in toy heaven! She was so enthralled with all of Ally’s toys that she didn’t even notice the stairs!!

Jessica had ordered some fabulous Chinese takeout for dinner so we ate and chatted. We finally had to drive Isabel around to get her to go to sleep (almost always happens the first night we stay anywhere away).

We got up (Isabel at 5:30 thank you very much) and went to breakfast and then went back to the house so the boys could watch UT beat up on Baylor. I can’t believe I am going to say this…but it is actually kinda nice that the kids get up so early sometime…we got to spend much more time together since we got up at the crack of dawn! 🙂

We hung out all day and the kids played and played and played and played. Me and Jess took the girls to the park for a while but man it was HOT!

That night we went to dinner at Kona Grill. It was really good. I got to have some sushi – smoked salmon but still sushi and it was great! Both girls went to bed around 8 so we hung out chatting for a while but me and Jess pooped out early!

Sunday for brunch we went to eat Dim Sum. It was delicious!!! I had never been before – it was awesome! We need to find a Dim Sum restaurant in Dallas for sure!

A big thanks to the Tam’s for a great weekend…

Good friends, good food, good fun! That’s what it is all about! 😀


A great, big congratulations to Tammy and Brian on their engagement!

We are so excited and happy for you both!!

Too cute! [VIDEO]

Lawrence and Jessica posted this on their site but it was just too cute not to post here too. Listen to Ally’s laugh…


It's a girl!

Big congratulations to Lawrence & Jessica who had their baby girl last night at around 7PM… Will update soon as info arrives…

It's a boy!

Congratulations to Lyndon and Kathie who had their baby boy yesterday evening. I will post more info as it becomes available…

UPDATE: Dylan, Kathie and Lyndon are doing fine…

Kathie posted pictures of Dylan…go check’em out

Weekend in Austin

I finally have some time to write a bit about the great weekend I had…

So, Tommie’s friend (who is a Texas football season ticket holder…thanks Marcus!) had an extra couple of tickets to the Texas vs. UNT game on Saturday. Tommie’s mom and sister were coming into town that same weekend so I got the green light to go to Austin all by my lonesome. I invited Lawrence to come watch the game with me (don’t worry Lyndon, there are more tickets to come :mrgreen:).

Packed up the truck and headed down to Austin Friday afternoon to miss some of the traffic. The drive was actually not that bad. Only hit traffic when I got to Temple. After getting into Austin, I had some time to kill so I headed to the Coop and bought me some t-shirts and a cap. Well, that killed about 10 minutes and Lawrence, Jessica, Richard and Ahn had still about 2 hours until they got into town. Decided to go to Lyndon and Kathie’s place (again, thanks guys for letting me crash at your pad) and hang out for a bit. This was my first time to their place and let me just say it looks awesome… the house does really look great guys…

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It's a girl! and "Say, what?"

Congratulations to Lawrence and Jessica who just found out yesterday that they are having a little girl… Tommie is so excited…. She’s ben kind fo worried since Isabel already has 5 boy cousins so far… CONGRATULATIONS!

In other news, tell me it ain’t so!… Lakers’ player (well, soon to be ex-player) Karl Malone has been in serious discussions (soul sucking registration may be required) with the San Antonio Spurs (thanks Kathie for the heads up…).

Can I start liking Karl Malone if he goes to the Spurs? Can I forget that he cold cocked David Robinson and knocked him out when Karl was a Jazz? Will his knees hold up? I don’t know…we’ll have to see

my scale is broken!

I don’t know what’s going on but I think my scale is broken…it will just not go under 200lbs! :-)…

It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t lost a pound. Tommie says that I’m turning fat into muscle (which could be) but I just want to lose fat right now…

Soooo, I’m being a little bit more strict with the diet and I’m cutting out my Protein shakes…I’ll get to 160lbs before years end…dang it!

[rant off]

We had a pretty good weekend…we went to dinner at Marcus and Shannon’s on Saturday (even though we had to watch Texas lose the first game of the CWS and then they lost game 2 on Sunday but that’s another story)…Isabel and Ryan played and Isabel slobbered all over Ryan’s toys :-)…Marcus made great dinner…

Here’s a picture from that night:

Isabel and Ryan

We are heading to San Antonio this coming 4th of July weekend and I don’t know if I can go 4 days without riding (even more so that I’m now not losing as much weight)….I think I’m gonna have to take the bike over there…maybe ride 2 out of the 4 days…we’ll see….

ok, back to work now…ttyl…