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Beautiful day…





Isabel had her very first soccer game this past Saturday. It was the cutest thing watching 6 little girls who had never played before and had no clue of what to do running all over the field in all directions. Isabel had a blast and scored 2 goals.

I can’t wait for the next one this weekend!! Hopefully Ricky can get some of the pictures and video up from the game.

Isabel's Ballet Recital

Snow in March!

The view outside right now:


A prayer for Gabby

Please say a prayer for my friend Gabby. She has been battling cancer for over a year and things are not looking good for her right now. She is only 36 years old and has 3 young children and a husband. She had been in remission and was making a remarkable recovery but now the cancer has returned and is much worse this time around. Please say a prayer for her.

Happy Birthday Ricardo!

We love you!!! Tommie, Isabel, Vittoria and Jessie

Hope you had a great birthday!