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Massive Update

Massive picture update (and video below). As always, they’ll be in the New section of the picture gallery until the next picture update. Also, I’ve added syndication to the Gallery folders. To add a feed to the latest folders added to the picture gallery, just add this link to your news reader.

Here are the pictures I’ve uploaded:

Disney on Ice Princess Dreams Videos


Video of Isabel & Zachary starting the egg dying process.



A little funny story to make you smile!

For those of you that know Isabel well this will make you laugh!

She has been talking about going to a pumpkin patch for the last week. She keeps telling me that JJ is taking her to a pumpkin patch (although JJ knew nothing about it!) There is a small church by our house that has some pumpkins outside and we figured that is what she was talking about. On the way to school this morning, JJ pulled into that church parking lot and asked if it was the pumpkin patch she was talking about…

Isabel got upset and said “No, I would need my binoculars to see this one”.

She the decided she needed to go find the pumkpin patch instead of going to school. When she got to school she told her teacher that JJ was taking her to a pumpkin patch after school. We still have not figured out what she is talking about! 🙂 But I guess it better be pretty big so she doesn’t need her binoculars! hahaha

Isabel's Art

Here is a scan of some of Isabel’s school work.

She tried…

When you are just ‘too tired’ to eat…

Click image to enlarge.

The Girls

It has been quite a while since I have posted about the girls so here is what is happening in their worlds right now…

Isabel started school again on 8/16. She is now going 3 days a week and is loving it! She hasn’t been napping there yet, but hopefully will start again soon (makes for quite a grumpy little girl by 6 PM with no nap) 🙂

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Wiggles [VIDEO]

Took Isabel to see The Wiggles Live at Nokia today. Isabel had a lot of fun singing and dancing. There are a few pictures here and you can see a couple of vids below.


Vittoria and Isabel

Hello! I know it has been a really long time since there have been any type of updates. Having 2 children is 100 times harder than just one! Or maybe it is just my kids. 🙂

Tori had her 2 month check up last week and was 12 pounds 6 ounces (75%), and was 50% for both length and head. Sorry, my mommy brain can’t remember the exact measurements! She also got 5 shots – it was horrible! But other than that, the doctor said she looked great!

She has been sleeping about 9 hours a night – yes, that is correct – 9 hours! At 10 weeks old! Isabel didn’t sleep that long until she was around 8 months old if I remember correctly. So we are pretty spoiled by that. She is smiling and cooing now – it just melts your heart! She is getting so big or as big sister Isabel says – “but she’s getting much bigger”. New pics will come soon.

I went back to work last week. I cried most of the first day back **SHOCK**…hahaha. But after the first day, it got much better. Jerry is just amazing! I can’t thank him enough for the love and care he gives the girls! He is great! He makes the guilt of me having to work just melt away!

Isabel just finished her last day of summer camp. She loved every minute of it! Next week she starts swimming lessons for 2 weeks. And then on August 9 she starts school again. She will be going 3 days a week now. It is amazing how much she loves school now. After the start we had last year, I thought we would never get to this point! She asks to go everyday now. My little girl is growing up!


Monday Night….put Isabel to bed at 8:30. Finally fell asleep and stayed in her bed at 9:07. We are making progress.  I go to bed not to long after that.  I hear her crying around 12:30 and turns out Ricky found her asleep on the floor in the hallway.  Poor thing! So she woke up when he put her back in bed.  Finally got her back to sleep at 1:30.  She woke up at 6:40.

Tuesday night…put her to bed at 8:37. She got out several times in the next 5 minutes so I decided to stand in her doorway where she could see me.  She stayed in bed and was asleep in 5 minutes!!! WOW!!  She woke up after I went to sleep and Ricky did the same thing and she fell back asleep pretty quickly.  She came to our room around 2 and I did the same thing and had her back to sleep in about 15 minutes.  She woke up around 6:15 (which is still entirely too early but that is another battle!)

Maybe we have stumbled across something…will keep you posted!

To Sleep or not to sleep…

This is a warning to all the parents out there of young children: DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SLEEP IN YOUR BED! (unless you want them there forever!). As most of you know, Isabel was hospitalized a few weeks ago and was pretty sick for about a week. During the time she was recovering, we let her sleep in our bed with us – big mistake – HUGE!

Up until she got sick, she would sleep in her big girl bed with no problems at all. Now, we have been battling for up to 2 hours every single night to get her to sleep in her bed and stay there all night. It is very frustrating, exhausting and especially heartbreaking! It is so hard to just put her back in her bed ignoring her pleas and cries but apparently that is how you must do it. I have scoured the internet, talked to lots of other moms and Isabel’s pediatrician.

And with Tori’s arrival imminent, it is especially critical that we get Isabel back in her bed. We have 4 weeks. 4 weeks!!!! We made a little progress, or so we thought last week.

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Update on Isabel

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers for Isabel this past week. I finally have good news – she has turned the corner and is feeling much better.

She went out the doggie door in a shirt, shoes, sunglasses and ski cap earlier – I would venture to say she is feeling much better! 🙂