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Isabel's First Movie

Jerry took Isabel to the movies today for the first time.  They went to see Curious George.  She really seemed to enjoy the whole thing.  Jerry said that if it hadn’t been for the previews, they probably would have stayed the whole time.  They were there for 1 1/2 hours – that is pretty good to keep Isabel in one place for that long! :)  Jerry said that she said she needed to go home and take a nap so they left about 20-30 minutes before the movie was over.  And here it is a few hours later and she is still awake!

She called me when they got home and was telling me all about it.  It was so cute – she said that you had to be quiet in the movies!

I’m so glad she had a good experience!  Now Ricardo will have someone to go to the movies with :) 


Such a big girl!

Another milestone…Isabel slept in her big girl bed last night for the first time.  I kept waiting for her to come in our room, but she never did.  She stayed in her bed the whole night!  Let’s hope it is a new trend, not a one shot thing! 🙂


How time flies…

This picture made me a little sad. She’s getting too big (click on picture to enlarge; click on enlarged picture to go back to page)… On an aside, you’d think I’d buy some new t-shirts 😉

Time Flies

By the way, I’ve finally uploaded new pictures. I’ve uploaded pictures from New Year’s Eve and from Tammy and Brian’s Wedding. As usual, these sets are going to be in the New section until I upload pictures again.

She took a nap in her big girl bed!

I don’t know how Jerry does it!!  Isabel took a 2 hour nap in her new big girl bed yesterday!  She didn’t want to sleep in it last night but that’s ok.  I don’t know if I am ready for that yet anyway…hehehe


I know it has been a while since I have posted anything so this may be a little long…

We had a great holiday season. We spent Christmas in San Antonio. Isabel had tons of fun and got lots of great gifts. This is the first year she kinda understood what was going on. She loved opening the gifts!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Rockwall. We had a great time and Isabel even made it to see the ball drop. She danced the night away with Tia Annie.

She was a little upset that all the lights and trees have been taken down. She really loved driving around and looking at all the lights.

Isabel did pretty good getting back into the swing of things with school. She is just now getting back to taking a nap…we are back up to 20 minutes. But she seems to really enjoy her classmates and teacher. The Carrollton Fire Department will be at school tomorrow so I’m sure she will really enjoy that.

She is starting to understand (we think) about her baby sister coming. She knows she will be a big sister but don’t really know if she KNOWS what that means! 🙂 She knows Vittoria is in my belly and says she has dollies in her belly too.

On January 14, Tammy and Brian got married and Isabel was the flower girl. She looked so precious! She had so much fun dancing and running around. She kinda froze when it was time to walk down the aisle but she did walk down holding my hand. We have tons of pictures and I’m sure they will be up soon…have to talk to my technical director about that! 🙂

This past weekend we went to Ikea and got Isabel her big girl bed. It is really cute. She loves it but doesn’t want to sleep in it just yet. It’s a huge transition and we have plenty of time so we will just let her go at her own pace. It has a rainbow canopy type thing that she loves and had to have. She remembered it from the first time we went to Ikea back in November! Smart kid! We will have to put a picture up so you can see it.

Well I guess that catches up with what has been going on in Isabel’s world that last few months.

More to come…

Happy Holidays!

Click image to view larger (pops).

Big Girl!

Another major breakthrough with Isabel and school – this week she stayed the whole day both days and yesterday she actually took a nap for an hour…AT SCHOOL!!! YEA!!!

It took 4 weeks to get here but we are so excited about it!!

And again…thank you Ricardo for holding your ground when I wanted to pull her out on the first day! 😳

Major Breakthrough!

We had a major breakthrough this morning. JJ dropped Isabel off at school and NO CRYING! Yea!!

We are starting to slowly add the time back in…she is staying until noon this week and we will add more time starting next week.

I am so happy!!! 🙂

4th Day.

I promise I will not be writing after every day of Isabel’s school…:grin:

But yesterday Ricardo dropped her off and she did start bawling when Ms. Kara took her. But I called the school around 10 and they said she was sitting in circle time giggling with a little girl!! YEA!!! My baby is making friends!

On the paper that Ms. Kara sends home about the day said “Great Day :smile:”. That makes me so happy.

Slowly but surely we will get there!! We are going to start adding and extra 30 minutes starting next Tuesday. Hopefully soon she will be staying the whole time!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! We are going to Houston to finally meet Ally!

3rd day of school

Yesterday was Isabel’s 3rd day of school. Jerry dropped her off and she was very upset. Ms. Kara had to take her from Jerry’s arms. Of course I had to cry about that for a few hours…hehehe

Ricardo called the school around 9:30 and they said she was doing fine. I called again around 10:30 (yes, I am a pain when it comes to the welfare of my child! :grin:) and she was doing fine.

Jerry picked her up at 11:45 and she was happy to see him but didn’t seem upset or anything. YEA!

Everyday they send home a note that says what they did that day, how much lunch they ate, etc. It said Isabel did much better and participated in all the activities and PLAYED WITH FRIENDS!!! I am so happy!!!

Ms. Kara told Jerry that she did 100% better. It will take some time to get her to stay the whole day but hopefully she will adjust just fine!

I was really upset and ready to pull her out but Ricardo held his ground (thankfully). I am just so emotional when it comes to Isabel (and I’m sure my raging pregnancy hormones have nothing to do with it :wink:) that I go with my heart strings and not my head. I knew it would be a difficult change for her but I guess I wasn’t emotionally prepared for it.

Tomorrow is day 4 – we’ll see how that goes!