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Dominican Republic Pictures

Here they are…

Isabel's Ballet Recital

To the park with our bikes.

The Easter Bunny brought the girls a bike and a trike early on Thursday so they could enjoy it while Mima & Bobby were here.

The Tams Visit Dallas

Lawrence had a conference or indoctrination or something ( 🙂 ) here in town and were here for the weekend. It was very good to see them and hang out with them. We got to play Rockband and did a pretty good job selling the game to them. The girls had a blast playing. We will definitely be planning a trip down there to hang out some more. Enjoy some pictures.




Playhouse Disney Live

Here are some vids and pics of when Isabel and I went to Playhouse Disney Live.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas y’all. Hope Santa brought you all the gifts you wanted.

Feliz Nochebuena & Merry Christmas!


Isabel's Christmas Program 2007

Here a couple of videos and pictures from this year’s Christmas program at Isabel’s school.


And here are the pictures…

It's the Final Countdoooooown!

A few pictures from a party Saturday I went to. Did some Karaoke. Yes, beer was involved.