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A little funny story to make you smile!

For those of you that know Isabel well this will make you laugh!

She has been talking about going to a pumpkin patch for the last week. She keeps telling me that JJ is taking her to a pumpkin patch (although JJ knew nothing about it!) There is a small church by our house that has some pumpkins outside and we figured that is what she was talking about. On the way to school this morning, JJ pulled into that church parking lot and asked if it was the pumpkin patch she was talking about…

Isabel got upset and said “No, I would need my binoculars to see this one”.

She the decided she needed to go find the pumkpin patch instead of going to school. When she got to school she told her teacher that JJ was taking her to a pumpkin patch after school. We still have not figured out what she is talking about! πŸ™‚ But I guess it better be pretty big so she doesn’t need her binoculars! hahaha

Isabel's Art

Here is a scan of some of Isabel’s school work.

Happy Holidays!

Click image to view larger (pops).