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Dan Rather on Current News Outlets

And this is why I try to get my news from BBC. Dan Rather takes the US news organizations to task.

[media id=57 width=425 height=354]

Playhouse Disney Live

Here are some vids and pics of when Isabel and I went to Playhouse Disney Live.



Isabel's Christmas Tap Recital

Here’s a couple of vids.


Isabel's Christmas Program 2007

Here a couple of videos and pictures from this year’s Christmas program at Isabel’s school.


And here are the pictures…

Tony Romo

And this is why people here in Dallas love Tony Romo. Specially the part about signing the new contract influencing him.


And now…

…something completely random…

I found these couple of video completely amusing…

All hail Technoviking!

and of course there is the dancing Storm Trooper…


8 Days After TPLO

Jessie seems to be doing pretty well with her bionic leg. She mostly puts weight on it now but, at times, you can tell she gets a little tired and starts to pull the leg up.


It's Monday

Here’s a silly video…


Halo 3 Video

Sometimes lucky is good enough. Check out this grenade toss on Halo 3 multiplayer.

Isabel's Ballet Class

Here’s a few videos from Isabel’s ballet class’ little recital.